Edinburgh Instruments

Edinburgh Instruments are global providers of Molecular Spectroscopy solutions covering techniques such as Photoluminescence, Raman, UV-Vis, Transient Absorption, and pulsed lasers and LEDs. We are world leaders in cutting-edge fluorescence spectroscopic instrumentation. Over the years we have developed new and innovative products, winning many international designs, technology and export achievement awards. We excel in providing one-to-one comprehensive customer service and continue to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.

ACS Publications

The American Chemical Society Core Inorganic/Organic Chemistry Journal Portfolio:

Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Letters, Organometallics, The Journal of Organic Chemistry

Step across the boundaries between traditional chemistry disciplines with these four core international chemistry journals. Take a look at their scope, value, and initiatives to capture and present research that speaks the common language of chemistry in multiple subdisciplines, providing a balanced mix of fundamental research along with eclectic and cutting-edge topics for academic and industrial scientists and for teachers and students of inorganic, organic, and organometallic chemistry.

The diversity of subjects is striking: polymer synthesis, catalyst development, coordination chemistry, sensing and electronics, bioorganic/medicinal chemistry, organocatalysis, photochemistry, organometallic chemistry, inorganic cluster compounds, small-molecule activation, solid-state chemistry, fundamental studies of structure and bonding, energy research, theoretical and computational chemistry, and more.

In 2018, these journals together had:

  • more than 5,700 published articles
  • more than 53,000 citations
  • more than 16.9 million article downloads

The Royal Society of Chemistry

The Royal Society of Chemistry is an internationally renowned publisher of high quality chemical science knowledge. Our expanding portfolio of journals, books and databases feature research by an acclaimed and international set of authors.

Around the world, we invest in educating future generations of scientists. We raise and maintain standards. We partner with industry and academia, promoting collaboration and innovation. We advise governments on policy. And we are committed to promoting, supporting and celebrating diversity – championing every one of the talented groups and individuals who are securing chemistry’s future.

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