Commercial Opportunities at ICSM2022

Partnership with ICSM 2022 will be a key step for your company in fostering relationships with our community. ICSM 2022 will allow your company, product and brand to be uniquely and actively showcased at this exciting international forum. It will also allow your company to meet potential business partners, generate new ideas, gather new knowledge, foster collaborations and meet a very defined professional community.

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ICSM 2022 Topics for Discussion

ICSM Partnership

ICSM is the largest conference devoted to the field of organic electronics and has showcased many of the most important developments in the field over the last 40 years. ICSM 2022 is an ideal forum in which to present the community’s latest research developments and discuss the state-of-the-art. For industry partners, it is the place to reinforce existing collaborations and forge new ones, and will deliver a rich legacy for future generations of researchers.

Reasons to Partner with ICSM 2022

Alignment with innovative current and next generation thinkers and researcher within this field.

Increase credibility, expand loyalty and build opportunities with new and existing clients.

Reinforce and strengthen your brand position within our community.

Bring your brand to hundreds of influencers of business.

Promote your products and services to our international audience.

Generate new ideas & build your knowledge.

An opportunity for your staff to connect face to face with the most influential individuals from academia, organisations and industry.

Secure a platform on which to profile your organisation to an international talent pool.

Capitalise on an ideal opportunity to inform and update delegates on new initiatives and developments in your own organization.

Foster collaborations and build new business relationships.

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